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Desktop Unity Cross    CRX-0270

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Desktop Unity Cross CRX-0270

CRX-0270 UC (WEB).jpg
CRX-0270 UC wooden base.jpg
CRX-0270 UC (WEB).jpg
CRX-0270 UC wooden base.jpg

Desktop Unity Cross CRX-0270


Unity Cross metal on wooden stand. Red enamel background. Size: 3.55 inches (9cm).  Great for office desk, night stand and as a gift.

The Unity Cross has become one of the most characteristic symbols of the Schoenstatt Movement.  Three symbols can be seen on it:  the image of Christ, the image of Mary and the Father Symbol.  The Uniy Cross expresses the bi-unity that Schoenstatt wants to proclaim:  Christ is inseparable from Mary and Mary is inseparable from Christ.  The Father Symbol at the cusp of the cross illuminates everything:  Christ and Mary rest in the Father, in the cross that the Father has determined in his plan of love, as the way of redemption.  Moreover, Christ and Mary have a unique posture:  they are alive and they are mutually looking at one another in a profound dialogue of Mother and Son.  The blood that Mary gathers with his chalice emanates from Christ’s side.  
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