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Ideal Crucifix gift for Priests  3.5"

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Ideal Crucifix gift for Priests 3.5"

CRX-1081 Obispo (web).jpg
CRX-1081 Obispo (web).jpg

Ideal Crucifix gift for Priests 3.5"


Metal Alloy.  Size:  Approx. 3.15"   

"Because of the depth of its symbolism, Christ and Mary, it began to appear on the pectoral cross of cardinals, bishops, archbishops, priests and religious communities. This was the case of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who decided that her entire congregation would wear it. In this way, many communities and many people in the entire world assumed it." Standing by the cross of Jesus was his mother,” says John the Evangelist. The symbolic representation that the author, Father Ángel Vicente Cerró took of an old picture of the German abbey of Maria Laach – shows her close to her crucified son, gathering the blood from his side in a chalice. In Father Kentenich’s words, “She is ‘the permanent Helpmate and Companion in his mission to redeem mankind’ ”. (Fr. Benjamin Pereira, The Unity Cross Comes to the Original Shrine, p.7) Three symbols can be seen on it: the image of Christ, the image of Mary and the Father Symbol.

Monsignor Peter Wolf explains that “Mother Teresa found [a replica of] this cross in the dirt on the street and knew nothing of its history. She discovered it again when she visited the Vatican and saw that it was the pectoral cross of Archbishop [Francisco] Errázuriz [of Santiago, Chile], who was then the Secretary of the Congregation for Consecrated Life. Mother Teresa told him that this cross best expressed what she and her community wanted to do: Like Mary to stand by the Cross of the Dying Christ and to meet him there. The Archbishop, later Cardinal, then gave her hundreds of copies of this Unity Cross for her Sisters.”

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