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MTA wall plaque picture on wood  4 11/16" x 9 9/16"

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MTA wall plaque picture on wood 4 11/16" x 9 9/16"

PIC- MTA oval resina (repisa).jpg
PIC- MTA oval resina (repisa).jpg

MTA wall plaque picture on wood 4 11/16" x 9 9/16"


Beautiful MTA wall picture on wood, resin finish. Great as a gift. Material: wood, Size: 4 11/16” x 9 9/16”, comes with a swivel loop for easy hanging.

“This is the picture of the Thrice Admirable Mother, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt – a picture of grace. It is a print of the original painting done by the Italian artist Crosio towards the end of the nineteenth century. The original title of this picture was “Refugium Peccatorum” – “Refuge of Sinners.” It was put up in the shrine at Schoenstatt in Germany in 1915.

In the picture we see Mary, the Mother of God, with her Child, Jesus. One is struck by the unity between Mother and Child. Mary holds her Child with both hands. Her left hand presses him to herself; her right hand holds his arm, and at the same time offers it upwards. Yet however much her attitude unites her with the Child, she holds him in a completely detached way. Is she waiting for someone to ask for her Child? Her eyes speak of this expectation.”

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