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Crystal Rim on MTA medal & pin

Religious Items

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Crystal Rim on MTA medal & pin

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M-CRYSTAL39  & P-CRYSTAL39  WEB.....jpg

Crystal Rim on MTA medal & pin


Beautiful medal and pin with Our Lady of Schoenstatt picture. Golden oval rim adorned with crystals.

The Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt – an image of grace

“Schoenstatt is centered on the covenant of love with the Blessed Mother. This Marian emphasis is what most people know about Schoenstatt. As with the Schoenstatt image of grace, its Marian spirituality also emphasizes Mary’s relationship with Jesus, their two-in-oneness. She is the great Christ bearer to mankind, the permanent companion and collaborator of Christ the Savior in every salvic work.

The great grace that  Mary in Schoenstatt is asked for is to become more like her. Mary is God’s incorruptible vision for mankind, the woman who is fully human but formed with Christ, a collaborator in the Father’s plan who invites us to build His kingdom freely and actively. “

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