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Schoenstatt's Instrument Spirituality

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Schoenstatt's Instrument Spirituality


Texts by Father Joseph Kentenich.  Edited by Fr. Jonathan Niehaus.

Be it as a "science of the cross," the perfect realization of the Our Father's "Thy will be done," or the practical expression of a deep and vibrant love of Mary, instrument spirituality is a hallmark of Schoenstatt's interior life and apostolic spirit.  This anthology of texts by Father Joseph Kentenich, founder of the International Schoenstatt Movement, leads the reader into some of the many dimensions of what it means to be an instrument of God and the Blessed Mother.  In particular, the riches of Schoenstatt's spiritual depth come to light in much the same way they came to light to the "movement in chains" - Schoenstatt under the oppression of the Nazis during World War II.  Here we find the treasures of the Blank Check and the Inscriptio, "pendulum security" va. "soap box security," dealing with one's crosses and limitations, and recognizing God's will in the ordinary circumstance in life.  Not least of all, the importance of Our Lady is demonstrated for becoming a more perfect instrument of God.

"If someone were to ask us to name an aspect which would most accurately and comprehensively capture the essence of our spirituality, we could probably say: it is an outspoken, Marian instrument piety."  Fr. Joseph Kentenich, Dachau 1944
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