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The 31st of May

Book- 31st of May.jpg
Book- 31st of May.jpg

The 31st of May


Fr. Jonathan Niehaus

Every history has its milestones. For Schoenstatt such a turning point came in a quiet act in Chile on May 31, 1949.  The founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, placed his entire work on the line to warn the Church of an insidious peril.  This moment so changed Schoenstatt history that it came to be known as the "third milestone," as crucial as the first and second milestones of Schoenstatt's founding in 1914 and Father Kentenich's daring decision in 1942 to go to the concentration camp.  This book covers a broad spectrum of topics as it attempts to unlock the secrets of "the 31st of May:"  The events and talk of May 31, 1949 (Chapter I), Historical Background, The subsequent "stream of life and graces", Mechanistic thinking, Organic thinking, Helps for organic thinking, Helpful tables, figures and photographs.

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