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Leading through Love


Leading through Love


Leading through Love


Author: Father Rafael Fernandez

Leading through Love is intended to be an aid to all those who are charged with leadership in the realm of formation or leadership of new groups, or who act as leaders of groups or branches, etc. In other words, it is intended for those who, in one way or another, are charged with an educational task. Upon assuming a position of responsibility in the Schoenstatt Movement, we enter into a new relationship with the person of Fr. Kentenich. We are called to represent him and to reveal him, meaning that we are called to be a reflection of him and to “re-edit” his original style of teaching and leading. However, this is not all. We also enter into a particular dependence on his person. As Schoenstatt leaders, we must become his instruments and collaborators. He, himself, stated innumerable times that each member of Schoenstatt – and even more so, each Schoenstatt leader – is called to re-establish Schoenstatt all over again, as a “co-founder,” since “a kingdom can only be sustained with the power that conceived it.” Leading through Love is not a guide in which a catalog of practical instructions or recipes may be found. The unique circumstances of the Movement branches, as well as the formation of new groups, are quite different in our many locations. Our primary concern is to outline with the greatest clarity possible what Fr. Kentenich expects and asks from Schoenstatt leaders, both in their persons as well as in their pedagogical actions.

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