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Schoenstatt's Everyday Spirituality

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Book- SCH Everyday Spirituality.jpg

Schoenstatt's Everyday Spirituality


Faith and life often seem far apart, even opposed to one another.  But Jesus' call to sanctity in the Gospel tells us that holiness is not just for a privileged few, but is within the reach of all who strive to connect their daily lives to God.

Schoenstatt, a modern Catholic Movement, ha long stressed this integration of faith and life, calling it "everyday sanctity."  As the word "everyday" implies, this sanctity is not confined to Sundays or a few prayer times, but must give shape to every aspect of life.

This collection of texts has been compiled to shed light on many of the facets of everyday sanctity. As in the companion volumes Schoenstatt's Covenant Spirituality and Schoenstatt's Instrument Spirituality, the texts are taken from the rich and insightful teachings of Schoenstatt's founder, Father Joseph Kentenich (1885- 1968).  He talks about what everyday sanctity is, how it relates to God, work, created things and others, and what difference it can make in our lives. 

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